After a gigantic earthquake in the year 2500, life seems to have vanished from earth. But some humans have survived, and they now face a new terrible danger : huge dinosaurs appear everywhere. To protect mankind, scientists build a supercomputer called "Plotter" and a robot named "RCR".

What initially seems to be protection and help becomes a new danger within the following 200 years. "Plotter" goes out of control and now controls the robot "RCR". The robot becomes a higher intelligence and a terrible menace to humanity. His name is now "N-1700".

The computer "Plotter" turns out to be a creature right out of hell : it produces armies of heavily armoured robots with high intelligence. They blindly obey their master and carry out his horrible order : "control the earth". Their power is gigantic, and they have terrible weapons and the help of armoured dinosaurs.

But the humans are not helpless against Plotter and his demented commandos. The "justice union", fronted by captain Marius, faces the robots. Marius' friend, the engineer Hayes, develops a computermind. With its help, the humans can begin their war against Plotter and his servile creatures ...

The "PLOTTER" figure series was produced 1994 by FunTech, a division of NEW-RAY Toys co., LTD. The series included six action figures, and several vehicles and dinosaurs, as well as some RCR robots that came with some vehicles. All produced items are shown below :


Captain Marius Hayes Erebus
Vitim N-1700 Joule

There were six figures produced. They include the human heroes "Captain Marius" and his buddy the "engineer Hayes", as well as two other members of the "justice union", Vitim and Erebus, and the evil robots "N-1700", the leader and right hand of "Plotter", as well as "Joule", some generic evil robot. The figures all came with two black weapons, and a blue rocket launcher with two red missiles. Each figure also came with a filecard, that has details on the character like age, weight, height and description of his mission and profile of the character, as well as the weapons he uses. Also included is a small 4-page comic featuring the character.

loose figure

loose figure

loose figure

loose figure

loose figure

loose figure
file front file back file front file back file front file back file front file back file front file back file front file back

I never heard of the companies "FunTech" or "New-Ray toys co. Ltd." before, and I don't know where they are based, but one thing I can be sure of is that the comics were not written by an english native speaker :-) just read them and you'll understand why ... The comics are quite nicely drawn, but the text is really really cheesy - so bad it even becomes good.

instructions how to use the Bazooka, called "How to play Bazooker" on the card.


Storm Vehicle, loose

These are the vehicles, dinosaurs and playsets shown on the cardback. It is not known if they were all produced, as I have only seen the storm vehicle so far, but I think they are all existent, but still need to be found. If you have any information, pictures of items to sell feel free to email me.

Warlord Buggy Mega Power Vehicle Storm Vehicle
Stegosaurus Triceratop Parasaurolophus Tyrannosaurus
Gun Dinosaur Heavy Metal Tank
RCR Robots & Hovercrafts
Stone Runner Rock Climber

The original story from the german packaging reads as follows :

"Die Story

Nach einem gigantischen Erdbeben im Jahre 2500 scheint es zunächst, als sei alles Leben von der Erde verschwunden. Doch der Schein trügt. Einige Menschen haben die Katastrnphe überlebt und sie stehen plötzlich vor einer neuen und noch größeren Gefahr: überall tauchen riesige Dinosaurier auf. Zum Schutz der Menschheit bauen Wissenschaftler einen Supercomputer namens "Plotter" und den Roboter "RCR".

Doch was zunächst Schutz und Hilfe ist, entwickelt sich in den folgenden 200 Jahren zu einer neuen Gefahr. Denn "Plotter" gerät außer Kontrolle und zwingt dem Roboter "RCR" seinen Willen auf. Der Roboter wird eine höhere Intelligenz und eine schrecklIche Bedrohung fur die Menschen. Sein Name ist nun "N-1700".

Der Computer "Plotter" entpuppt sich als Bestie. Er produziert Armeen von bewaffneten Robotern mitt hoher Intelligenz. Sie unterwerfen sich sklavisch ihrem Herren und folgen seinem schrecklichen Befehl: "Erobert die Erde". Ihre Macht ist gigantisch, denn sie haben bedrohliche Waffen und die Hilfe von gepanzerten Dinosauriern.

Doch die Menschen sind "Plotter" und seinen wahnsinnigen Kommandos nicht hilflos ausgesetzt. Die "Union der Gerechtigkeit" stellt sich den Robotern entgegen - allen voran Captain Marius. Sein Freund, der Ingenieur Hayes, entwickelt ein Computergehirn, mit dessen Hilfe die Menschen den Kampf gegen "Plotter" und seine unterwürfigen Kreaturen aufnehmen ..."